This is very alarming as we have another victim of suicide. Kate Spade is well known in the fashion industry and this is a big loss to the community, to say the least. The police stated that her body was found hanging on her flat which took her life instantly. A housekeeper made the call to 911 when she saw Spade hanging from a red scarf. She was already unresponsive at that time and as per sources say, she left a note beside her.

Kate Spade found dead due to suicide

Spade’s husband was there, but they don’t have any clue on where their daughter is.

The most intriguing part might be the note that was left by Spade. The police were able to recover it and they didn’t provide any details on what the letter is all about. There were no indications that the fashion guru was having some issues in the past days. However, this could possibly another issue of depression as police suggest.

Kate Spade ushered in a new era of clothing line during the 90’s and still widely considered today as one of the most influential women in the industry. She had a massive success in every line, but her bag designs might be on top of the list. Spade is very versatile and has an unusual way of creating her designs.

Suicide awareness and depression

As reported by the police, they are already certain about the death of Kate Spade.

However, they are still trying to check other angles. This is the only details that are provided as of the moment. Depression has been taking toll of a lot of lives lately. It doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity or a common man. This mental illness should not be taken lightly. Late last year we lost two of the most iconic frontman in a rock band due to depression.

Like Spade, there were no indications that Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) and Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) had issues prior to taking their lives. Yes, they opened up about it in the past, but it seems that they didn’t fully overcome it.

Her death is now being mourned by the industry and followers through various social media platforms.

Her death is again a reminder to everybody that depression is a serious disease. There are no updates yet on her funeral wake. Although she and her family is currently residing in New York, she is originally from Kansas City, Missouri. Kate sold her company way back 2007 to concentrate on her family, especially her daughter Frances. However, she returned last 2016 wherein she launched a new line called “Frances Valentine”.