Fox ‘n’ Forests” is a 16-bit side-scrolling RPG platformer with puzzles, secrets and plenty of exploration. It is available digitally on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch and supports English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish languages.

Players will take the role of Rick the Fox, an anti-hero as he tries to figure out why the forest is stuck in the four seasons and what is happening to the Season Tree. This means that you can switch between seasons on the fly and watch the world change around you.

In “Fox ‘n’ Forests” your main weapon is a magic melee crossbow that can be used in range and close-up combat.

It allows players to switch between two specific seasons per level of the game. This means that you can change the world from summer to winter at the press of a button in one area and then move on to the next and change it from summer to autumn.

‘Fox ‘n’ Forests’ season switching

Switch between seasons does more than just change the environment as it will also help players find new paths, secret areas or be used to defeat enemies and bosses. Each boss that the player defeats will unlock a new magic arrow that changes how the crossbow works, for example giving you access to a spread shot attack.

Using magic arrows and swapping between seasons costs mana, so players need to manage their resources to be successful.

All of this is displayed for players to see in a helpful UI that also shows your current health, equipped items and current magic arrow.

As you progress through “Fox ‘n’ Forests,” you will unlock new melee attacks such as a double jump spin attack across and stomp attack. Magic attack potions can also be bought from the magic shop, but players will need an empty bottle.

These potions will give your attacks different elemental traits such as a thunder attack.

The development of ‘Fox ‘n’ Forests’

Fox ‘n’ Forests” is co-developed by Bonus Level Entertainment, Independent Arts Software, and freelancers from across the world. The game had a successful Kickstarter campaign and raised €107,875 for the project.

Fox ‘n’ Forests” is the first game released by Bonus Level Entertainment and it has received decent reviews with PlayStation Universe giving it a 9/10, and Hardcore Gamer scoring it 4/5.

Fox ‘n’ Forests” is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It is available for digital download on each of those systems. The PC version includes full controller support.