Success is not given to anyone and it is not even a guarantee. To achieve success, you must take it. For the past seven years, PewDiePie ran with it and dealt with it. Apart from being the most subscribed channel on YouTube, he is also included in the top 10 list of the most-paid YouTube personality of all time. Now, with his newly released video, it is safe to say that more fortune is about to come his way.

PewDiePie's rise to stardom

No talent, weirdo, nerd, an outcast, were the things that were thrown at him when he was just starting out. It seemed that nearly everybody, including a few of his sponsors, thought that he was crazy.

But tides have changed as PewDiePie showed that the power of video blogging is far greater than any kind of advertisements. Sure, it didn’t catapult his career right away, but he is earning more than six figures a month, and nobody can take that away from him.

Probably his biggest success in his storied career is the “PewDiePie Simulator” which was created by Outerminds Inc in 2016. The game suffered from server issues during its initial release. However, it didn’t stop legions of fans from downloading his simulator. Basically, the game teaches anybody about how to attract viewers on their corresponding YouTube channel. It was reported that the day after it released, it reached one million downloads in Apple’s App Store.

Torch Arcade which is very critical in providing ratings even gave PewDiePie’s game four out of five.

Latest video

PewDiePie’s latest video which is titled “Try Not To Sleep Challenge (Super Duper Crazy) is simple yet very entertaining, to say the least. He started the video with unusual introductory music which is very ironic as he was playing a horror game.

Knowing PewDiePie and the way he creates his video, this is considered normal. Did he scream at the start of his video? Well, yes indeed. That is already his trademark and his way to up the ante.

The game, as the name implies, is about survival like any other horror game. Is it scary? It depends on the player's perception of a horror game.

As for PewDiePie, you can hear him saying he is literally dying in the game. The element of surprise and the eerie surroundings made the game a lot scarier. It can be compared to “Resident Evil” or “Silent Hill.

PewDiePie is no Logan Paul

Right now, there’s no sign of stopping PewDiePie as he continues to publish videos every day. Making vlog for video games isn’t the only thing that he is good at. He also creates a variety of videos from various topics. He is, and could well remain as the king of YouTube. Lastly, to those who are comparing him right now to the other guy who got cancelled due to his insensitive remarks, let us make it clear, PewDiePie is no Logan Paul.