It seems that WWE couldn’t catch any breaks as they are facing a scandal that will change the current storyline that they have been building for the past month. Yes, wrestling is scripted, it takes a certain amount of time to create stories that will capture the imagination of each and every wrestling fan. As far as wrestling being “fake”, well, viewers should understand that their injuries are as real as it gets.

Cena and Carmella

Now back to the reported scandal. According to an insider who has posted about the issue on his social media account, John Cena is allegedly having an affair with the current Smackdown Women’s Champion, Carmella.

Okay, this might sound crazy as there’s no evidence that confirms that the rumour is true, but we also can’t deny the supporting argument that this guy was able to prove. If you think this is fake news, then the CEO of WWE, Vince McMahon shouldn’t have reacted immediately and talked to his daughter Stephanie McMahon about a certain “plan”.

John Cena, the 16th time champion, first ballot WWE Hall of Fame, arguably the most popular wrestler in the modern era has been already in the twilight of his career. However, him being so influential and popular does seem to have a negative impact on his personal life. A few weeks ago, the WWE Universe was stunned when it was confirmed that he and WWE Diva Nikki Bella split.

There were some speculations about the reason why they ended their fairytale-like relationship.

Numerous news publication and web magazine states that Nikki Bella was seeing another WWE Superstar by the name of Dolph Ziggler which is her ex-bf. This is all rumours as Dolph isn’t really interested on any “relationship” right now and he is having a blast with his current schedule.

As for the Champ, John Cena, he is not active in any WWE programming right now. He was seen partying in Orlando for a couple of weeks recently and that sparked the scandal.

Big Cass backstage heat

Cena’s current location is very near to Carmella’s residence as per reports. There have been instances of Cena and Carmella suddenly “disappear” from the limelight.

Both are also from the New England Region in Massachusetts. Also, this rumour emphasises the reason Carmella won the Smackdown Woman’s Championship is because of John Cena. Where’s Big Cass? Well, he just received a backstage heat due to the promo that he did last week. Apparently, the plan was just to give a big boot to the fake Daniel Bryan but he beat up the poor guy which angered Vincent Kennedy McMahon.