Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” has a new DLC character joining the fray. This new character is Vayne Carudas Solidor who was the main villain from “Final Fantasy Xii.” Season pass owners can add him straight to their game, whereas everyone else will need to buy him as a standalone purchase. This is a PlayStation 4 exclusive game.

Vayne attacks with a range of powerful and impressive combos. He overwhelmed his enemies using his unique ability, Writ of Conquest, which strengthens his allies. Vayne has a range of unique abilities and potential playstyles.

'Dissidia Final Fantasy NT'

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” is a 3D arena fighting game that pits famous characters from across the “Final Fantasy” games against each other. Each battle takes place 3 vs 3 and players must work together to defeat their opponents. The game includes the unique bravery battle system where players attacks charge their brave value before unleashing it in a devastating HP attack.

The game has a story mode where players must fend off the forces of evil and discover why each of these iconic characters has been brought together. This mode is not the focus of the game, though. Instead, players will be battling each other online or taking on the AI in arcade mode. Through this players can unlock new costumes, weapons, and avatars for their favourite characters and profile.

Vayne is the main villain for the other “Final Fantasy XII” character, Vaan. In the story of XII, Vaan joins a band of rebels who fight against the empire led by Vayne. This game has several iconic characters including Balthier, a sky pirate, and Ashe, a fallen princess. With the addition of Vayne, it seems unlikely that we will see other “FF XII” characters added to the Dissidia any time soon.

What's included in the season pass?

For season pass owners, Vayne and five other yet to be announced characters are included. Each of them will come with two unique costumes and weapons. They also have a digital mini-soundtrack that includes five of the songs from PS4 version and the arcade version of the game.

There is also a new Weapon Pack available for fans of Dissidia which includes a range of cosmetic weapon skins.

This will give plenty of the launch characters new weapon skins to show off. The next DLC character can be expected in June.

The game began in Japanese arcades. It was released under the name "Dissidia Final Fantasy NT" on the PlayStation 4 and by Ninja Theory. This new version included extra characters, and story mode and lots of other subtle changes. However, it remains true to its arcade roots through its gameplay.