In some recent Tweets from the “Fortnite” Twitter account, it looks like we can expect superheroes to make an appearance in Season 4. The Tweets were accompanied by images with one character in a mask and the other looking very Wonder Women-esque. Both look generally superhero-like.

Season 4

Season 4 of “Fortnite” is still set to come soon with no confirmed release date. However, the developers, Epic Games, have teased players by saying players are going to ‘battle, adapt, and win.’ The actuals shape and full content available in “Fortnite” Season 4 is yet to be confirmed, though.

The teaser Tweets also contained a comet design motif. This same comet has been seen by a lot of players in the skies of “Fortnite.” When you combine this with the masked character who is also part of the image, it gives off a very superhero-y feeling. The masked character looks almost like your stereotypical superhero and could very well draw his powers from this same comet.

A lot of players have been expecting some sort of alien-related content in the next season of “Fortnite” and the comet being teased could be confirmation of their involvement.

Frequently, in superhero comics and movies, comets or aliens are the way that the heroes get their powers so it isn’t a massive leap to assume “Fortnite” would do the same thing.

“Fortnite” itself is a massively popular battle royale game. Players all land on an island and battle it out to be the last one standing. They do this by any means possible.

However, the game also includes a robust crafting system where players can break down objects in the environment and then build new items or structures.

Superhero abilities could fit in nicely with “Fortnite’” current gameplay and aesthetic. The game’s forums are already brimming with fan ideas around how things like super speed and strength could affect the game.

It would also bring a swathe of new cosmetic and equipment items for players to collect and enjoy.

Fan theories

The idea that players would be able to amplify and boost their abilities could make exciting changes to “Fortnite’s” gameplay. One of the favourite fan theories about how these could be implemented is in the form of consumable items. This might give players a short burst of speed so they can chase an enemy or escape a storm. Another idea is that they will give players a strength increase so they can jump over towers like they are a small fence.

Fans of “Fortnite” shouldn’t have to wait long to find out more about what is in store for their favourite game. Season 3 is currently planning to end in under a weeks time, so there should be some more solid details on what is coming next before too long.