Nintendo Labo is a line of cardboard accessories for the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch has seen fantastic sales thanks to innovative hardware and stellar game releases. However, Nintendo was not happy to leave things alone and have released a line of cardboard accessories - Nintendo Labo.

Nintendo Labo is one part mini-game series and one part a fun construction idea. Each Nintendo Labo product requires the user to build it themselves and it comes with a mini-game developed specifically with it in mind. Finally, we have the first set of Nintendo Labo Reviews of this highly anticipated product.


Review site TechRadar praised it for being a wonderful way to bring parents and children together. They said it was great fun creating the Labo accessories and that each project has excellent education potential for kids. They said that the instructions were clear and show users exactly how to put them together. However, they criticised the weak mini-games and had concerns about the durability of the cardboard devices. If the cardboard is going to fall apart easily, then this could be a major concern.

Nintendo Life

Another review to come out was from Nintendo Life. They praised the fun of using each of the Labo devices and thought that there was a large potential for customisation for several of the different products.

Nintendo Life enjoyed the mini-games but felt that some of the games lacked depth and challenge. They praised the look and feel of each game, and saw great potential in the product. They thought that each of the products were impressive and fun to put together.

Trusted Reviews

Finally, Trusted Reviews also got a hands-on with Nintendo Labo.

They were impressed with the complexity of the accessories and applauded them for only for only using cardboard. They too said that it would be great for kids and that each Labo kit is a great example of engineering. They especially praised The Garage which shows exactly how each Labo works and will go a long way to inspiring children to become game designers and developers.

The Japanese company is notorious for producing extravagant and exciting gaming hardware and accessories, and it looks like Nintendo Labo is no different. The full release is hotly anticipated.

Each of these is an early impression, so these reviews and opinions might change. The full line of Nintendo Labo products will launch on 27th April in Europe and the UK and 20th April in the US.