Fortnite is now taking the gaming world by storm. It is even safe to say that this is probably the greatest game that Epic Games was able to develop and produce. The game which was originally released last July 2017 didn’t receive that much recognition until this year. Literally, it is breaking and building barriers as this co-op survival game is set to shatter video game records.

What makes Fortnite great?

Well, prior to giving reasons on why this game is great, it is a must to see the competition that Fortnite is being compared to. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Rules of Survival (ROS) are the closest things in comparison with the mighty Fortnite.

Although there is a confusion now with regards to first-person shooting games, experts believe that they still roll out into the same category.

Players can create awesome tactics or strategy in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground and Rules of Survival as it is somehow more realistic but not with Fortnite. How can you easily kill a player when it has the ability to jump higher than the normal? Or has the ability to build a wall-like structure to defend himself? Fortnite is already kicking it with their popularity but it skyrocketed when one day, famed YouTubers Ninja, Drake, JuJu Smith and Travis Scott played together. Yes, it did happen, it was streamed live, and the internet went berzerk!

Banned Weapon: The Guided Missile

Technically the weapon is not really banned as it is only disabled. It was first announced on their social media account that they need to temporarily disable it as they found a bug attached to it. The bug might not be recognized by the new players but for those who played it since the beginning, the bug does have an impact on the gameplay.

When will it be fixed? There’s no estimated time to repair the bug and it might take longer than expected.

New Weapon: Light Machine Guns

Okay, LMG’s actually exist in other platforms of the game. However, this is the first time that it will be introduced in the multiplayer battle royale. The full feature and specifications of this weapon are second to none.

Light machine guns have always been a weapon of choice especially if there are multiple opponents in the field. Gun control and aiming are much better but the negative side of this weapon is the slow reloading.

The good thing about Epic Games and it's developers is they tend to listen to the players and see to it that every concern they have is being attended to properly. Be sure to check the new patch as it will be one of the highlights this season.