Depression, alcohol and drug abuse are the three main reasons of celebrity deaths. There are a lot of reasons on why these are triggered. First, there might be an event or experience in their past that still haunts them today. Second, it might be their way to somehow relax and not feel any pain. Lastly, others cant cope up with the spotlight.

Celebrity Deaths

This tragic events are both sickening and staggering. According to a reliable source, more and more celebrity dies because they feel that it’s the right thing to do and they feel that they don’t have anybody to help them.

There’s seems to be a pattern with this tragic deaths. However, stopping them is easier said than done. Depression cannot be seen unless it is openly admitted by the person involved.

Goodbye DJ Avicii

Earlier today, it was announced that International sensation Swedish DJ Avicii died at Oman, he was only 28 years old. Tim Bergling or better known as Avicii is one of the pillars of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). He provided us chart topping music such as ‘Hey Brother’ , ‘The Nights’, ‘Level’ and ‘Wake Me Up’. Avicii opened up about his struggles and alcohol addiction before. He did seek help but sad to say, he wasn’t able to overcome his troubles.

The last photos of him in Oman also shows the sadness in his eyes as fans noticed.

Family, friends and the music industry is mourning as they show their support to various social media platforms. Avicii probably is the biggest DJ that Sweden is able to produce and his legacy will echo throughout history.

The Shocking Last Days of Dale Winton

Last Wednesday, veteran TV presenter and seasoned DJ Dale Winton choose his life to end abruptly according to reports.

However, there are new updates regarding his death and the real reason might be provided longer than expected. Some of his friends stated that his fear of growing old, losing his mansion and losing his fame prompted this kind of actions.

There was a CCTV footage showing Dale in a store where he looks like exhausted, tired and not himself.

Close friends also notice this drastic change and they are saddened about Winton. Fame is not for everybody. Either you sink or swim. Regardless of what people think about these celebrities, they are still human with families too. Judging them with their lifestyle without knowing their background is absurd. For those who are calling them out, a little respect is all that is needed.