An announcement by the streaming giant Netflix claims that they are currently in “advanced negotiations” with former US President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama to make some new original content for them. After bringing their almost 118 million subscribers new shows from the legendary likes of David Letterman (on which Barack Obama appeared as the first guest), Carol Burnett, and Jerry Seinfeld, this would be the biggest talent grab yet.

This new deal would add to the $60 million they’ve been paid for their memoirs

The Obamas are having quite a run after leaving the Oval Office, with a reported book deal worth $60 million for their post-White House memoirs.

The format of the potential series, as well as the episode count and the length and the camera setup and all the nitty gritty details like that, has yet to be disclosed by Netflix, since the negotiations for the series have not been finalised (and also, reports have it that Apple and Amazon are also interested in striking a content deal with the Obamas).

According the New York Times, the former President and First Lady Obama would not use their potential series as a platform to fight back against sitting US President Donald Trump and the Republican Party. Instead, they will be using “the power of storytelling to inspire,” bringing inspirational stories of people who normally wouldn’t have the voice to tell it to a wide audience.