If you happen to have no life and spend all day checking Instagram or Facebook (er...all of us?) you may have come across some pages dedicated to all things food, food combining, and new and limited edition products, (there's also those weird pages where people top porridge oats with all manner of bizarre foodstuffs...but that's a topic for another day).

I have no life, and while browsing a few of these interesting accounts recently I've noticed a lot of Christmas products now appearing on UK supermarket shelves. What is this madness?!

Once upon a time, when I was a wee lad it used to be that Christmas products wouldn't be out until November at the earliest.

Then over the years, it became late October, then early October Then late September...and now early September, (there were even reports of mince pies out in Asda as early as August!).

A commercial world

We live in a commercial world, for better or worse, but even the hardcore consumerist folks caught in the matrix including "the young 'uns" that many products are aimed at baulk at the idea of Christmas products this early. "Let's have Halloween first!", I've seen written on many Twitter and Instagram pages. Indeed; Halloween sweets, masks, skulls and witches' hats are also now gracing store shelves - just take a gander in your local Poundland. So the big companies haven't missed that sales opportunity either - you can now buy Cadbury "Screme Eggs" (green goo filled Creme Eggs) in your local Wilko store.

All this could be said to be just a bit of fun and nothing to worry about, it's something just for kids that they'll grow out of one day...but I for one DO worry! As someone who grew up at a time when these yearly festivals were magical and special, and somewhat mysterious I feel commercialism has stolen a lot of their charm.

What becomes of these events when they're just another yearly sales pitch to shift as much stock as possible? Giving yourself diabetes from Halloween candy is only morally better than dressing like a Killer Clown.

Enough is enough

A point will come where we all have to say enough is enough, for the sake of our health, wealth and sanity...and to just keep things more magical.

We don't need ten different varieties of Matchmakers or other assorted chocolates every year, even if it is the new Salted Caramel flavour Matchmakers! What's wrong with grannies homemade Christmas stocking filled with satsuma and Brazil nuts? Let's claim back Christmas and make it special again...but in December.

On my wish list this year: Millenial PINK Chocolate!