When asked about the Harvey Weinstein scandal, A-list movie star Tom Hanks said that he believes there is no way for the movie mogul to come back from the dozens of allegations of sexual assault and misconduct. The way Hanks sees it, this is the end of the road for Weinstein, who will now lose all of his power and clout now that he’s been booted from his company, shunned out of the industry, and is universally despised for his actions.

‘This is a sea change’

Hanks said that Weinstein being removed from his company and the world turning against him and all of the sexual abuse that goes on in the Film industry coming to light is “a watershed moment,” and “a sea change.” He believes that all of a sudden, the tides are going to change.

The abuse will slowly start to stop. Hanks also believes that the name Weinstein is going to “become a noun and a verb.” He will be the poster boy for this cultural change, and his name “will become an identifying moniker” for the culture as it stands now.

The “Forrest Gump” star believes that this scandal will have “a before and an after” with huge, sweeping change. As a board member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Hanks was involved in the decision to kick Weinstein out of the organisation, although he said that per his membership contract, he was not allowed to discuss that decision.