To most people, Louise Brealey has gained international fame as the shy, yet intelligent and courageous Molly Hooper otherwise known as, “the one who mattered the most” in the modernised adventures of the famous Baker Street detective "Sherlock." Despite her short and far too infrequent scenes, she still seems to steal the show every time. After the last episode of the 4th season, perhaps his heart as well? For a show that seems to be bringing in new characters left and right to keep things fresh. Ms Brealey has managed to become an audience favourite, thereby giving her a sense of staying power.

However, despite the fame Loo has gained as Sherlock’s pathologist, she is far from the run of the mill typical actresses who are simply surrounded by glitz and glamour. On the contrary, her “dog bothering activities” as well as her frequent campaigns to give women an equal voice, are the main reasons behind her success.

She’s 'real' that’s what makes her perfect

It’s Loo’s ability to give a voice to the rights of humanity and to present social issues head on that stand out. Most importantly, bringing to light even the most forgotten and insignificant issues has enabled her to develop respect from her fans. After all, it can get rather tiring to hear a celebrity prattle on about their latest movie and television appearances while practically ignoring everything else.

Who wants to idolise someone so fake and oblivious? Loo is so special because she’s relatable to her fans.

What’s next for Louise?

Her path doesn’t simply end at "Baker Street," which so many fans are hoping will be headed for a fifth season. Loo has continued to delight her ever-growing fan base with a new production, "Clique" in which she stars as Jude McDermid, the founder of Solasta Women’s Initiative.

Upon closer examination, it seems that this character has a few things in common with Louise. The likeness is found in her strong desire to succeed, not allowing society to chose the role a woman should take. Her character is a true trail blazer in the making which in reality pretty much sums Loo up in a nutshell.

A star in the making

Louise is truly one for surprising her fans at every turn. She’s an actress, an activist, a writer, a hero who speaks out for the oppressed and most vulnerable. Most importantly, she’s a role model. Speaking to Digital Spy, her role model status seems to have just happened. "I didn't ask for that to happen, but it has happened, and you have to take responsibility for that if young women are looking to you," she said. This is a woman who will surely influence many lives in her journey.