The troubled relationship of the Gallaghers

Living through the 90's the age of Britpop was one of the happiest experiences of my life musically when guitar bands were in full swing and meaningful dance tunes filled the airwaves. Looking back now music, whether Indie led or dance led, seemed so much cooler and genuine back then or so it seemed.

Amongst the many bands that spearheaded the so-called Britpop was one Oasis who along with Blur and others made Cool Britannia in the 90's what it was; a phenomenon. Not since the 60's perhaps had British popular music seen such a renaissance, and not just in music, but in other fields too.

Of course, much was made at the time of the rivalry between Blur, those southern middle-class boys, and the hard-edged northerners Oasis battling it out in the charts as the Beatles and Stones had done before them. But at the heart of Oasis was a battle going on between brothers Liam and Noel which on one hand was very creative but also destructive.

Brothers like Cain and Abel

As long as Oasis existed the troubled relationship between Noel and Liam was never out of the headlines along with their hedonistic lifestyle. As hit followed hit the band became one of the biggest this country has ever produced and it seemed like the other members of the band were just supporting actors to the antics of the Gallagher brothers.

Ultimately the tension between the brothers is what did for Oasis and it seemed when Noel formed High Flying Birds and Liam kept Oasis intact but it called it Beady Eye that Noel seemed to enjoy the most success and exposure.

Of course, this did not stop the barbed comments between the brothers and it may have in fact made things worse.

Liam's appearance at Manchester concert

With the awful events at the Ariana Grande concert, it was only right and proper that Mancunian artists should appear at the gig. When Liam Gallagher took to the stage to sing Oasis classics 'Live Forever' and 'Rock n Roll Star' it seemed a fitting tribute to the many people Mancunian killed and injured in the attack.

Liam right now has a new track out so some cynics could say he was only there to highlight it by singing old Oasis material. Of course, that may have been one of his motivations but his appearance at the charity gig alongside other artists like Grande herself, Coldplay and Take That showed his heart and thoughts were in the right place.

Liam after the gig condemned the non-appearance of brother Noel accusing him of hiding and being out of the country. It was rumoured at one stage that Noel and Liam would appear together but this did not happen and with Liam launching this tirade against his brother expect a reaction from Noel very soon.