When The Caged Bird Sings

When ‘Birdcage’ rings from the speakers with its neo-ELO-prime Fleetwood Mac accomplished intricacy, it’s clear that Dandelion Charm are a gentle force to be reckoned with. Clare Fowler’s English Rose sensibilities are perfectly offset by musical and life partner John’s sophisticated songwriting. As their social media profiles wryly proclaim, ‘Like Fleetwood Mac without the drama’ – because the drama is all there within the ten songs on stunning new album Tiny Drop. The guitar lines and chord progressions lead a gorgeous dance through all the unexpected twists and turns of the most sophisticated of classis rock songwriting, and offset Fowler's nuanced and delicate pitch perfectly.

Lovebirds Along the Channel

I’ve witnessed Dandelion Charm live a number of times in Worthing, while the duo themselves hail from Newhaven, along the coast from Brighton. They have chosen Worthing as their base of operations due to the town’s rapidly blossoming cultural and musical scene, perfectly tailored as it is to the London/Brighton ‘overspill’ that, alongside its egalitarian warmth, is perfect for the pair. A marriage made just south of the downs, and somewhere high in Blake's heaven.

Retro Scorpio

This is welcoming due to the ‘progress’-denying nature of what Dandelion Charm do. With Scorpionic intensity they stay loyal to evocatively moving songwriting, wilfully, gloriously and merrily oblivious to such cultural developments as punk, indie, techno or the New Rock Revolution.

Through Fowler’s explorations of the nature of personal freedom, within and without relationship issues, the two weave a bucolic, pastoral tapestry that is as genuine as it is heartfelt. Retro because it knows sometimes sonic progress at any cost is a curate’s egg. As is being seen with the ascent of Jeremy Corbyn in the snap election, there is a strength in pure, uncorrupted vision.

Hearts & Minds

The recent Seraglio Point charity fundraiser at St Paul’s in Worthing – sometimes church and other times arts centre – proved Dandelion Charm’s commitment to social issues, in a region which demands and encourages that. At that beautifully presented show, DC proved that they understand that togetherness is strength, that harmony and melody need to be experienced to be understood and that underneath everything, it’s the power of love that endures. Put away those shades and fall into their arms.