Three Girls is a three-part BBC drama based on the horrific child grooming scandal exposed in Rochdale that took place in between 2008-2010. One of the girls, Holly, moved to the town after her father lost his business. She befriends sisters Amber and Ruby via her boyfriend at the time. The three teenagers visit two local takeaway shops, which for the purposes of the show are called Top Curry and Speedy Kebab. They are run by Muslim men which include Amber's 'boyfriend' Tariq and Shabir 'Daddy' Ahmed. The latter buys the girls alcohol and kebabs in an effort to gain their trust.

But the two men and other members of a grooming gang begin abusing them for sex. Amber and Holly later give birth to children, but Ruby has an abortion. Despite this, her fetus is kept frozen and the police later seek her consent to use the fetus to identify her abuser, a man called 'Billy'.

Sexual health worker Sara Rowbotham, who had been keeping track of the gang's activities with girls who visited her clinic for years, presses the social services and the police to take the case more seriously, but her efforts fall flat. She eventually persuades Holly to make a statement to the police.

Detective Constable Maggie Oliver is called in as a witness manager to the girls. She is able to persuade Ruby and Amber to come forward as witnesses and gains Ruby's consent to link her fetus to the men, who are all arrested.

However, Amber is not selected as a witness due to her volatile behaviour and denial of the part Tariq played in the scandal, which makes Maggie angry.

After Ruby and Holly submit their evidence to a Crown court, 'Daddy', 'Billy', Tariq and six other men involved in the gang are sentenced to prison. Ella, Holly's daughter who was taken away by social services, is returned to her and she is relieved as Sara informs her the men have been sentenced to prison.

Maggie resigns as detective constable due to the police labelling Amber as a culprit in the abuse. She visits her mother's house to explain why she resigned from Greater Manchester Police.

Three Girls was written by Nicole Taylor, who also wrote Indian Summers for New Pictures, The White Queen, Ashes to Ashes, The Hour and Scott and Bailey.

I cannot fault the script of this epic drama even if I tried. From the opening of the first episode, you are exposed the police's refusal to believe Holly. The script brings to life the intensity and evil the three girls were exposed to in real life. It shows how vulnerable they were due to their backgrounds. The script explores how numerous institutions ranging from the social services to the police ignored these girls' pleas for help and how they were blinded by political correctness. I nearly cried watching this show. At one point I was nearly sick. The fact that this script coincides with the abusers' freedom in real life displays the utter shambles British justice is at times. Sara Rowbotham is a hero.

For years she was cast aside by social services and the police. Her part in this scandal deserves more credit. Three Girls should serve as a reminder of what happens when the authorities are too afraid to tackle abuse due to their blindness towards people's backgrounds. This series requires a thick skin.

Maxine Peake's performance as Sara Rowbotham is epic. It was her fight to bring to justice these manipulative men and aid their victims that carries you through the show, as does the acting of Ria Zmitrowicz, Liv Hill and Molly Windsor as Holly, Amber and Ruby. This is a show about their stories, their emotions and their experiences. Their bravery and heroism is inspiring. I hope this show can provide those who have experienced abuse themselves to come forward, regardless of how scary it might be.

Lesley Sharp was amazing as Maggie Oliver. She presented Maggie as a principled character who did the right thing by these girls. Without her, they may not have received their justice. Despite playing an absolute villian, Simon Nagra brings to life the brutal nature of Shabir 'Daddy' Ahmed for viewers, particularly when he demands Holly and Amber step inside his car randomly. That scene made me jump with fear inside. Throughout the show, he makes your blood boil with his vindictive and calculating traits.

Three Girls is the best show I have seen in a long time. But you should be warned that it is not easy viewing, especially if you work in education and have a passion for children, or are a parent yourself.