Are Hollywood’s based on novel movies due to a Lack Of Imagination, or a clever marketing technique? There’s no question that while indulging in a good book, curiosity as to how this would play out in the real world takes over. As it is with anything where there is consumer demand, there’s someone willing to fulfill it. After all, it’s no secret to Hollywood’s producers and directors that audiences will flock to theaters in drones to finally see their favourite characters in the flesh.

Once the announcement is made that a popular novel will be brought to the big screen, almost instantaneously speculation starts.

In case the of popular series such as the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy, these discussions may start out innocent enough. However, a few words and disagreements can certainly have a drastic change on the atmosphere in the room.

On the surface it would be easy to speculate that anger fueled debates between fans hurts the film industry. However, closer examination could reveal a more sinister game at play. Perhaps, the controversy surrounding these rumors and speculations increases a film’s popularity? Thereby quickly expanding the profits to be made at the box office on opening night? After all who isn’t curious to finally get a glimpse of what the mysterious leading man and his because damsel in distress really look like?

Perhaps this has taken the place being unique and having an active imagination?

Clearly, this illustrates to Hollywood executives setting their sights on making a lot of money in a short amount of time. Evidently, the gold standard of this day and age is illustrating the ability to have a lack of originality. Who cares if the ending is far from an exciting moment?

After all, we already knew what was going to happen.

The repetitive copy-cat sweat shop environment has crept its way into even the prestige and glamour of Hollywood.

Gifted writers used to be a highly sought out commodity in Hollywood. However, these days if you can cleverly paraphrase a book to resemble a movie script, the job’s yours.

If the events of our recent past are an accurate predictor of what we can expect from the future, then we are doomed to be entertained by a bunch of work-a-bees.

How can someone make a name for themselves in hollywood?

Simple, do what the person next to you is doing. Don’t give any suggestions and show the least amount of originality as possible. Do this and you’ll be a star!

What’s the fastest way to get fans to love you?

Create enough intrigue, speculation and curiosity that people are at each other’s throats in order to prove who’s right and who’s wrong. Remember that curiosity and competition can lead to an urgent need for information. Which at the end of the day will multiply into an obsession.

I guess that’s a good thing in Hollywood these days? Clearly, this downward spiral is our new reality. Or a highly-choreographed pattern of reactions we are all expected to have in order to promote the popularity of an up-and-coming film?

It’s no secret that everything in Hollywood is staged in order to appear interesting. So why would the reactions of fans be any different? It’s not exactly the truth, rather a mere perception of it.

Mary Thompson