Marvel’s The Super Hero is based on the Marvel comic book character the TV series will be showing on Netflix. The first season of the TV adaptation of the comic character has generated mixed reactions from fans of the character and neutrals alike. Most TV adaptations of books, video games, and comics deviate from the original storyline in various degrees - The Super Hero is no different.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe keeps getting bigger. Dare Devil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and The Super Hero will all be part of the Miniseries – The Defenders airing soon on Netflix.

However, the tv series fails when compared to Dare Devil. Even with slight alterations to the comic books, Dare Devil delivers memorable encounters and fight scenes while the absence of a well-defined villain makes it an incomplete adaptation of the comics.

Danny Rand or The Super Hero

One of the prevailing themes in the series is Danny Rand (Finn Jones) trying to discover himself. Danny struggles with the question of personal identity for a major part of the series. The Hero is constantly at war with himself and making the right decisions. Constantly faced with moral choices, his responsibility as Danny often comes at odds with his responsibility as the hero but eventually, The Super Hero becomes Danny Rand.

On his path to self-discovery, Danny encounters the treacherous and manipulative Harold Meachum (David Wenham) and the notorious Madam Gao who engages him in mind games. The arrival of Danny sets events in motion that turns the Meachum family at each other almost destroying the company and the lives of those around him.

Colleen Wing and The Super Hero: Allies and Lovers

Through the chaos, the Super Hero finds an ally in Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) who provides physical and emotional support to Danny. Their relationship evolves from fight partners to love partners as the series progresses. However, Colleen’s affiliation with the real Hand puts their relationship on the brink and her loyalty to the Hand in question.

Colleen becomes Danny’s first, but their relationship is tested after the arrival of Bakuto (Ramon Rodriguez); an equally ruthless Hand leader. He is revealed to be Colleen’s master and feared by Madam Gao.

Colleen is healed by Danny after being poisoned by one of Gao’s guards, Bakuto reveals the ability of the Super Hero to heal using his ‘chi’ or life force. Through Colleen Wing, Danny also gets acquainted with Claire (Rosario Dawson) reprising her role as the super hero’s stitcher.

Madam Gao Has Super Powers?

It was refreshing to see familiar faces from Dare Devil like Claire and Madam Gao in Marvel’s The Super Hero. Claire stitching wounds and sometimes providing backup in dangerous situations and Gao being evil.

However, Gao mysteriously throws Danny across the room after forcing him to withdraw in exchange for the daughter of the scientist (that created the heroine).

This incident implies that Gao has some kind of supernatural power that has never been seen before. The power to resurrect the dead also implies that Gao might have lived very long, and she gives a hint of her old age when Danny and Claire try to interrogate her.

Gao uses her powers only ones making it look like a mistake or late addition by the producers. Much is expected from Gao who seems almost helpless after her capture by the Super Hero and later Bakuto.

Final Thoughts on Marvel's The Super Hero

It is no surprise that Marvel’s The Super Hero scored 18% on Rotten Tomatoes and 37 on Metacritic.

The Super Hero lacks any formidable foe, making the series feel empty till the finale. The poor fight scenes also make the martial arts fighting superhero underutilised. The fight choreography is forgettable when compared to Dare Devil. There are no Ninja’s and it is ironic that the Super Hero only uses his fist to break doors most of the time.