'The Great Wall' movie that stars Matt Damon and Willem Dafoe is disappointingly bland: - For those who were expecting an epic movie that would thoroughly entertain, this is going to be a disappointment and given stars like Willem Dafoe, Matt Damon, Jing Tian, Pedro Pascal, and Andy Lau, acting in 'The Great Wall,' it could have been so much better. It is basically a monster movie and critics on RottenTomaters have pointed out that 'The great Wall' is not even a good one at that.

'The Great Wall' does have some stunning cinematography

There are some beautiful shots and cinematography of China, and as a fantasy movie, it is even understandable that 'The Great Wall' could have been built to defend against a bunch of monster-like aliens.

We are not actually going to believe this is historical fact and in entertainment, we don't always need or even want to have a fact-based background to the story - so that is not the problem with 'The Great Wall movie.

A 'tedious eyesore' of a movie

Robbie Collin's review of the 'The Great Wall' movie published in The Telegraph described the movie as "This fantastically tedious eyesore." That should give you a major hint that this weekend you would probably be better off staying in and playing monopoly before it disappears off the market altogether.

The problem is not even related to the controversial casting of "white" people in a Chinese movie that dominated the press after it's Asian release last year - but as Cooper H wrote in his review, "Great visuals and action can't save a film that has a bland story, flat characters, and a white savior narrative."

The story of 'The Great Wall' is weak

The movie kicks off with Matt Damon and Pedro Pascal being the only survivors after an attack by alien monsters which killed all of their comrade mercenaries, They were in search of the 'black powder' deep in China, a useful and fearsome weapon.

During their flight, they stumble across the Great Wall of China and from there the movie plot just felt like it had been rushed. The whole story was quite weak and despite the lovely costumes and some nice scenery, it had the feel of a rushed production.

At best, I would go with the description that was published by the Guardian who described 'The Great Wall' as a 'damp squib of a gunpowder plot.'