President-elect Donald Trump made headlines after the Golden Globes ceremony, in which Meryl Streep gave a scathing speech about him (without actually naming him), when he tweeted that the Oscar-winning actress is “overrated.” However, it’s not the first time she’s called a high-profile celebrity “overrated.”

He says it about a lot of political figures

The first in Trump’s long list of “overrated” Celebrities is right-wing political commentator George Will, who has won the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary. He also took on political filmmaker and former “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart, tweeting “I promise you that I’m much smarter than [Stewart]” before inevitably adding that he is “totally overrated.” In a series of later tweets attacking Stewart, each one of them adding his previous “totally overrated” sentiment,” Trump added that Stewart “wouldn’t have even a little chance in a debate with me,” citing that he is “not fast enough or smart enough,” and also described the poor man as “a joke,” “not very bright,” and a “dumb clown.”

Trump called Charles Krauthammer a “highly overrated political pundit” and a “dope.” He called Marco Rubio “a highly overrated politician” who he wouldn’t trust to run even one of his smaller businesses.

He also made a pretty bold statement calling President Barack Obama the “most overrated politician in US history.” He also called out another Democratic ex-President, Bill Clinton (his rival’s husband), saying that “the phony media” claim anything he says or does is “incredible” and that, yes, he is “highly overrated.”

Trump has also taken on showbiz figures

After the cast of “Hamilton” criticised Trump’s Vice President Mike Pence during a production when he was in their audience, Trump was outraged. He took to Twitter to call the play “highly overrated” (of course) and demanded that they say sorry to Pence, although they never did. Trump also called Jerry Seinfeld “highly overrated,” and also claimed to be funnier than the legendary and iconic comedian who pays taxes.

And now, the most recent addition to the longest such list in history is Meryl Streep, who Trump referred to as “one of the most overrated actresses in Hollywood.” There’s certainly a pattern forming in his insults against famous people. He also bashed Streep for saying scathing things about him without knowing him personally, despite his lack of personal relationships with Seinfeld, Jon Stewart, and the cast of “Hamilton.” The pot appears to be calling the kettle black and highly overrated.