Madonna is here to scare you with her new Vamp look. The pop star did her best for a Vampiry black and white photo-shoot for Harper’s Bazaar 150th anniversary. Madonna captioned the image as “Crawling my way back to work and into the arms of Harper’s Bazaar!”. Madonna nailed her vampire look with curly dresses, dark makeup and funky accessories in a series of shots. The singer also revealed her plans to do stand-up comedy and direct another film in 2017.

Ashley Graham's wish

Yes, Ashley Graham’s dream is to play a Bond girl apart from doing a photo-shoot for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

The model is willing to be a Bond girl if Idris Elba would be playing the lead role as James Bond. Ashley said, Idris is confident. He is sexy and he looks like the type of man that just takes charge. The model is so keen on playing this role that she even jokingly said that she would do it for free.

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill's breakup

But the reason behind the spilt was kept a secret. Well, now their breakup reason is out. After an explosive fight during her birthday getaway in Turks & Caicos in December, Minaj dumped Mill. Nicki Minaj was not happy with behaviour of Meek Mill. Because during the trip, Mill spent most of the time with his friends instead of Minaj. When it was Minaj who was there to celebrate her birthday.

Minaj called out Mill for his actions, and the two had a fight, which prompted him to leave the island. Shortly after Mill’s exit, Minaj ended the relationship. Well the two had started dating in early 2015, and now they are no longer together.

Aftermath of Kim Kardashian’s $10 million robbery

The French police have revealed the people who were involved in the robbery.

17 People arrested on Monday, out of which of the 3 of the suspects are women. It also includes a chauffeur who drove Kim Kardashian around Paris in the days before the robbery. Two of the suspects are diamond dealers. Many of those arrested are known underworld figures aged around. #Hollywood #Kim Kardashian #Nicki Minaj