If some people make only a brief passage in the Music world, others regularly defend new projects. This is the case of the one you discovered on "Star Academy" - Jennifer has been present in the musical landscape for 15 years already! The little darling of the French grew well and she does what she likes.

15 years already: Jennifer celebrates her victory and address publishes a long message on Facebook!

The singer Jennifer celebrates 15 years of her victory at the first edition of the program "Star Academy." While Jennifer already has many years of her career under her ribs, she celebrated her victory and sent a message with a photo of "Star Academy’s" promotion 1 on social networks to her former comrades, Nikos Alias and her public.

Jean-Pascal, Jessica, Carnie, Olivia, Djalil, Patrice, Francois, Stephaney, Gregory, Mario, Amandine, Khalifa, Catherine and said that her thoughts go to the first 15 students of this extraordinary school.

The young woman went on to add that she will not forget their laughter and their tears. "These moments were unique and they belong to us," she said/ She was also thinking of her dear Nikos, the professors and their director. The journalistic shortcuts that distort and betray what she really said. She thanked those who shared it all with them and those who carried them. If the music still rhythms the life of the disturbing brunette, the latter does not stay on its gains.

Jennifer: 'Abandon the song for the cinema? Abandon the song I could not!'

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of this victory, this Thursday, Jennifer was the guest of the Grand Direct of the media in Europe 1. Questioned by Thomas Joubert, the ex-candidate of Star Academy has reversed her victory. She explained in particular, she would rather keep better memories than bad memories of her passage to the castle.

A few days ago, Jennifer announced that she had two cinematographic projects, including a dramatic role in the course of preparation. The career of actress seems indeed launched! She also does not give up her role of coach since she is currently shooting the next season of The Voice Kids alongside M Poker and Patrick Fiord and she has not closed the door to a comeback in the adult version!