"Now I've Got The Whole World Saying My Name" is the ill-fated title of the single of "X Factor" quarter finalist, Honey G who lost an embarrassing sing off against boyband 5 After Midnight.

Final Curtain

It was potential Celebrity Big Brother 2017 contestants: Jedward, all over again when the faux rapper, Honey G kept getting through to the next show. The public was loving it, the press was loving it and Simon Cowell, was definitely loving it. Let's face it, given the year we have just had in the UK and globally, prior to the "x Factor "Quarter Final, people were asking the question - could the unthinkable happen, could Honey G the parody queen, really win the X Factor?

I, for one, would definitely not have been surprised, given the shows dissension into pitifulness, over recent years. Neither would "X Factor" insiders have been surprised either, as they had already been qualifying the prize of a record deal, saying it could mean singles rather than an album.

A parody act inadvertently gives the charts some needed respect

The news that the Honey G single entered the midweek charts at 149, brought with it, for this writer anyway, a huge sigh of relief. With the actual winner, Matt Terry (remember that name? not many do) coming in at number 20 with his effort - "When Christmas Comes Around" surely, "X Factor" insiders must now heed the call that the single buying public, think or strongly hint that the shows pull and power has reached a new low.

It is a time to celebrate the fact that a bad joke is bearable when told once, but to keep it going and even try to resurrect it through the singles chart, is a bit of an insult. People will argue that it was the spectacle of Honey G that gave her popularity, but the news that at one point, the accompanying video received 14,000 likes, compared to 62,000 dislikes, scuppers that argument.

Time to reward creativity

There is no better time to think about the format and purpose of a show like X Factor than in the wake of the above flop. Surely, it is now time to make contestants at least show that they can half-play a musical instrument, as well. It will stand contestants in far better stead for surviving the vicissitudes of the increasingly cut and thrust music industry. Goodbye Honey G.