What we know:

-One of the biggest rumors of Destiny 2 is that it will be available for PC Users so maybe that means that we will get huge leaks of information by those sneaky little Hackers that roam the Internet.

-Maybe your character will stay in Destiny, something that a lot of people dislike but with a better point of view on it it might be cool that like halfway on the story your new character meets the old one as a legend for the Guardians.

-There will be new Races, i kinda like this one because i've always wanted my character to be Fallen, so Bungie, make it happen and do not let me down.

What we want on this Sequel:

Old enemies brought back to life. The Crota's End raid will always be one of my favorites and i will love to fight Crota again, or Atheon, i mean The Developers somehow found a way to create a virus that will revive dead enemies so im sure that they can also find a way to reanimate any of these bosses.

A bigger Social Enviroment. What's the place where you spent most of your time in Destiny? no, it's not in the Raid, What you maybe don't know is that actually he Tower is where almost all the Guardians spent their time in, decrypting, buying weapons, or simply just fooling around.

Trading. This could be really cool because it would help new people that just arrived to the game and maybe Youtuber's that do giveaways can give their extra Ice Breaker, or just friend's that need new guns that other people have, we have all been waiting for it.

Bigger Matchmaking. Remember those times when you needed to defeat Skolas but no one will let you in their fireteam because you didn't have a Gjallarhorn? or when you needed to kill Crota on Hard Mode in order to get that Necrochasm but no one had any space for you in their fireteam? Yeah? well, we've all been there and have wished sometime that Bungie had implemented a better Matchmaking so we didn't had to go trough those hard times.

So, what are your thoughts on the Game? are you gonna go and pre-order it as soon as you can or are you the type of people that wait until they see reviews on the game? Either way, let's just hope that Bungie knows what they are doing.