“Game of Thrones” which is based on George R.R.Martin’s fantasy novels is more than a Television Show, it has now become a cult in itself. So any news that is connected to the show becomes of utmost importance for the fans since even a character’s addition or deletion can make a lot of change in the dynamics on the show. We all know that there are two more seasons of the cult “Game of Thrones”, the plots and the cast changes for which are being kept under lock and key. Though there have been no news regarding any other main character’s graph, online reports suggest that UFC superstar Conor McGregor might do a cameo in one of the remainder two seasons of “Game of Thrones”.

Conor McGregor to play a Cameo in "Game Of Thrones"

According to reports, the 28 year old who is a mix martial artist was chosen to play the cameo by one of the directors of the show who happens to be a huge UFC fan as well. The “Game of Thrones” directors even confessed in an UFC Podcast in July that they were huge UFC fans and Fight Pass is all they watched once they finished the day’s shoot of the show. The Irish UFC star is currently chilling and awaiting the birth of his first child in mid 2017. As far as Conor’s professional career is concerned, in the last 12 months he has fought for a total of 4 times. He has a strange connection with the Westeros as he has trained with Hafthor Bjornsson who essays the character of Gregor on the show.

"Game Of Thrones" shot in North Ireland and Iceland

It will be interesting to how UFC owners react to a UFC superstar joining a TV show, the new owners of UFC might not quite like losing on to 2 main UFC stars immediately post paying a whooping $4 billion for taking over the company. As far as Conor is concerned, it is a great opportunity for him as the upcoming “Game of Thrones” is being shot around his vicinity in Iceland and Northern Ireland.

We will have to wait for further details about the character Conor is going to play on the show and how important is his character which is a cameo is going to be to the plot as whole.