Logan will be the third solo Wolverine Film and the 10th X-Men film to feature on our big screens, this film will be the last chapter which follows X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The Wolverine.

The film will be set in 2024 with mutant births slowly on the decline, the X-Men are out of service and these Cyborg Reavers are hunting down Mutants. The main focus of this film will be the decline of Logan (Wolverine) as his self-healing ability starts to falter due to the years beginning to catch up on him. He is tasked by Professor X (leader of the X-Men), to protect a young girl Laura who is thought to be X-23, a character that becomes the new wolverine in the Marvel comics.

Wolverine is like a character from a Greek Tragedy

The reason why this film is looking like one of the best installments to feature in the entire X-Men franchise is purely because it's becoming less like your typical action film and instead focusing on a more troubled and dark individual. From seeing Wolverine grow as a character since the first X-Men film, we have discovered that Logan is pretty much invisible with hardly any weakness - but is he though? Personally, for me, his weakness and what defines him as a character is the troubled past contained in his long-lived life. His is forever fighting his demons which is what blights his existence throughout the entire franchise and this conclusion will give us a deeper insight of what I believe is Wolverine's biggest weakness.

In the latest issue of Empire, the director of this film, James Mangold stated that Wolverine's finale will be a much more human story which will differentiate this movie from its previous successors. Logan won't include a lot of CGI action, and instead will focus on the character’s vulnerable side, especially with his human powers failing him.

Consequently, we will begin to see a character in a way that we've never seen before, making it more relatable for our audience in seeing these demons finally constricting Wolverine's morality and legacy. Mangold told Empire that 'the goal was to make something human, we made an effort to scale back on the gloss and greenscreen' which indicates we might see less of the fighting and more of a developing drama.

X-23 ready to take over?

The introduction of Laura Kinney, could spring a possibility that we’ll be getting a new Wolverine. In the comics, Laura Kinney becomes the new hero, having the same abilities as Logan and one of the main concept of this film is Logan protecting this young girl. Personally, for me, I think it will be awesome in having a new wolverine after Jackman and who better than X-23. Marvel need to start shifting things around and this could be a good way in going about it. What will make for some beautiful scenes is the relationship development between Logan and Laura, it reminds me of the whole Yoda and Luke moment from Star Wars. This could also be another indication of Wolverine leaving the cinematic universe and passing on the mantle to this young girl.

Hugh Jackman told Empire that it’s important to see the film “as the story of a man who is struggling with mortality and legacy and whether the world has been better off with him or without him". So, it will be quite fitting seeing Logan teach everything he knows to Laura and seeing her blossom into an important character

Overall this film is looking like an interesting installment and juxtaposes the traditional action movie with worthwhile character development in addition to some engaging dramatic story telling - be sure to catch it on March the 3rd.