Supergirl is the newest member of the CW's superhero family since it switched over from CBS earlier this year. Since then, Supergirl has continued to gain praise from fans and critics alike and now there is an opportunity for the show to gain even more positivity by the possibility of adding a very inspirational character that could revolutionise DC TV.

The similarities: Batwoman & Alex Danvers

This character would be Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) becoming Batwoman. I know Alex Danvers and Kate Kane (Batwoman) both have their differences, they are however, more similar than you realise.

They are both trained in combat in which they solely rely on superior technology and an array of gadgets to defeat their foe; may it be against humans or alien lifeforms. In addition to this, the use of their armour is very similar and Kate Kane has a Batcave and Alex has the underground secret D.E.O quarters which can symbolise a Batcave- Oliver Queen as Arrow mirrors a somewhat Batcave of his own.

We know Batwoman operates in Gotham and Alex Danvers is situated in National City but it has been known before that Kate Kane has teamed up with the D.E.O to solve cases within the DC mythology, so that's pretty handy for Alex who works for the D.E.O. Besides, comic adaptions never exactly keep to its original source now days, so this is not a massive issue.

Maggie Sawyer's connection with Batwoman

Now this is the biggest selling point of Batwoman possibly appearing in Supergirl. Maggie Sawyer, who first appeared within the DC arc in 1987 and was one of the first openly gay characters in mainstream comics. She has previously worked with both Superman and Batman in Gotham and Metropolis, but in recent times Maggie has been continuously linked with Batwoman, who she proposed to in Batwoman #17.

So, it's quite ironic that Maggie has been introduced in the Supergirl cast and surprise, surprise Alex Danvers has falling head over heels for her; coming out to Supergirl and confessing her feeling for Maggie. This relationship is looking like it will be a central plot as this season develops.

The reason why this could be so important for DC TV is purely because of Alex's transformation since coming out, which has been so beautiful and also corresponds to the norms of a superhero.

Alex has found it difficult to the 'new' her, even though Alex admitted in the show that she always knew she liked women. Because of keeping this part of herself a secret for so long symbolises what superheroes must contend with all their life by taking on the responsibility of two identities.

Another little Easter egg that can lead Alex in becoming the new masked heroine was seen in the last episode where Kara (Supergirl) mentions that her cousin (Superman) worked with a vigilante once. 'Tons of gadgets. Lots of demons. Vigilante are nuts'. I may be looking too much into this but is that not screaming out as Batman?!

Why adding Batwoman can be so influential

If this were to happen, this could be so important for young or old viewers growing up with what Alex is going through.

It can inspire viewers watching not to be afraid in coming out and that we are all as strong as each other. If Alex does become Batwoman and her and Maggie would become a 'thing' wouldn't it look awesome with Alex coming to terms with her sexuality, taking a new identity, joining forces with #Supergirl and co and showing all the viewers how strong minded an individual can be.