One of the most popular films

With eight films released and another announced for May 2016, the X-Men movie Series has attained the ninth place as one of the highest grossing movies ever. It cannot be the other way, as watching the trailer for the latest release of the series one can confirm that it´s full of action and special effects that can mesmerize the minds of the most demanding fans.

The bombardment to a city and subsequent destruction produced is followed by the worried face of Mystique and Professor X crawling after being injured. Some less dramatic scenes show Iceman and mutants dying behind.

The supervillian, Apocalypse, grabs Mystique by the neck. Then thrilling scenes of other heroes with superpowers and beams of light and thunder in the background impact the screen.

At Xavier´s School, Professor Xavier is having a conversation with Phoenix about some strange phenomenon occurring in the world. Apocalypse, who was a ruler in ancient Egypt and who has been dormant for hundreds of years is about to awaken. Although, the supervillian has not been dormant throughout all these years, since he has accumulated power from other mutants.

The battle between two forces

Once the antagonist has awoken, the fight between two forces begins. The villain is convinced that the world has become corrupted in his absence and needs to be destroyed, so that a new civilization in which he will reign as their ruler, needs to be created.For this ordeal he goes on to recruit new horsemen, which he used to have in the past, that will help him achieve this objective, which he finds in mutants whom he helps and gives them names; Archangel, Magneto, Storm, and Psylocke.

The action continues with flashes of scenes filled with action, special effects, showing the superpowers of the two bands and drama. In the background a city being destroyed by weapons and the superheroes in the fight against each other. Wolverine´s claws are shown in the final shot of the trailer, letting fans know that even though this character was not featured in the previous Film, it will be in the next.

What the Critics say

Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a ranking of 57% based on a little over 60 reviews. The Toronto Sun gives it positive reviews acknowledging the inclusion of the character Deadpool into the film and foreseeing a positive future for subsequent sequels of the series, but it also got some negative reviews from Forbes, which considers the film too repetitive and boring.