Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland, Gangster Squad) will be in the director's chair for Lionsgate's 'Jekyll', a feature Film adaptation of the 2007 BBC miniseries. Chris Evans is onboard to star as Tom Jackman, the 'Jekyll' of this story. The project is being overseen by A Very Good Production, made up of Marc Platt (Legally Blonde, Into the Woods), Ellen DeGeneres (yes, that one) and Jeff Kleeman (The Judge, Vacation), while the screenplay will be handled by Anthony Bagarozzi & Charles Mondry (The Nice Guys and the upcoming Doc Savage movie).

What was the original 'Jeykll'?

'Jekyll', a six part miniseries penned by Steven Moffat (Doctor Who, Sherlock), was not simply a modern telling of Robert Louis Stevenson's influential horror classic, but also a sequel. It followed Jackman (played by James Nesbitt), a descendant of the infamous monster doctor, who had inherited the unique split personality, with the Hyde persona displaying greater cruelty, anger as well as higher speed and strength. He cuts himself off from his loved ones and lives with a nurse to try and spare them of this other side of his nature. However, the other side is sentient and becomes aware of Jekyll's family, which leads to danger. Nesbitt was nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance.

Not the only 'Jekyll' in town, though.

Currently, Universal is also preparing a 'Jekyll and Hyde' film of their own, starring Russell Crowe, as part of their Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe (he will be debuting in the role in the upcoming 'Mummy' film next year from Alex Kurtzmann). Most recently, Stevenson's classic enjoyed another television sequel in the form of ITV's 'Jekyll & Hyde', from comedian-writer Charlie Higson (The Fast Show, King of the Ants).

The series followed the grandson of Jekyll in 1930s Britain, with strong influences from both classic horror as well as pulp-superhero fiction, as Jekyll battled a sinister organization who craved Hyde's power. The programme was cancelled after one series due to poor ratings.