Letty remembers her love for Dom and the inseparable were finally leaving their honeymoon. Brian and Mia had withdrawn from the game. The balance was broken when Cipher (Charlize Theron) who was a mysterious young woman, seduced Dom and dragged him into the world of crime and pushing him to betray his own.

From the shores of Cuba, through the streets of New York, to the glacial plains of the Barents Sea, the elite force travels the globe to prevent the anarchist Cipher from causing chaos. Bringing home the man who founded their family. With action scenes ever more sensational, the producers of Fast and Furious will eventually falter and perhaps even before the release of opus 9 and 10.

Is Fate of the furious a broken family?

The cipher is a terrorist who uses advanced technologies to sow disorder. For what reason did she try to enlist Dom, this seasoned driver who rolls incredibly fast without making waves? The presence of Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel) in Fast and Furious 8 suggests that the god's eye could again pose a threat. The one who possesses the eye of God is all powerful. He can drive anyone out of the world, arrest him and even kill him.

If the eye of God has been duplicated (recovered in one way or another) no member of the Dom family is safe anywhere on Earth. The eye of God could be used to make Dom sing, for it is unbearable to imagine that the latter has genuinely turned away from his family to join a criminal organization.

The real Dom, married to Letty for eternity, does not seem to have disappeared. Cipher almost snatches a kiss from his wife's eyes. Amnesia would assume a banal excuse to justify Dom's actions. He still plays it slow, so that there are no babies.

'The Fast and Furious' against cyber terrorism

In Fast and Furious 8, Ramsey might have found a rival, the embodiment of High Tech terrorism.

The one who invented the eye of God must participate in the arrest of a woman capable of launching computer attacks on crucial infrastructures. If everything comes down to a sequence of 0 and 1, then many lives can be eliminated through cyber attacks.