"Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" has conquered us all. The Harry Potter's spin-off penned by J.K. Rowling has obtained critical acclaim, and in almost two weeks has surpassed 500 million worldwide. It's clearly a success in a busy and interesting Fall season. The movie is an entertaining ride towards the magical world of wizards. "Fantastic Beasts" has an open ending: it's not a secret that this new saga will last for four more movies. But there is something you don't know: the original ending had a mind-blowing plot twist.

'Fantastic Beasts' Story and Review

It's the story of a group of wizards and it is set in the 1926's New York. Eddie Redmayne portrays Newt Scamander, a British magician who ends up in New York during a trip towards Arizona. The protagonist intended to stay for a little while, but his permanence in New York is prolonged because of the No-Maj Jacob who inadvertently disrupts Newt's suitcase. Plenty of dangerous magical creatures are free to wander around the city and this becomes a threat for the difficult relationship between wizards and the United States.

Colin Farrel portrays Percival Graves who is the USA's wizarding world President's right-hand man but in the end we find out that he is infact Grindelwald.

Johnny Depp appears as the powerful wizard, but is instantly arrested. We didn't discuss the movie's most interesting character: Ezra Miller's Credence. The American actor portrays a shy and troubled orphan boy, who is abused by his family, members of the Second Salemers. In the end we discovers that he is a Obscurial: he has a powerful virus inside of him, which is called Obscurus, and he starts destroying the city and the magic community eventully kills him.

The movie has entertaining and convincing story and these characters are easy to love.

The Real 'Fantastic Beasts' Ending: Credence is alive

In the original ending, there is a scene that changes how we perceive the "Fantastic Beasts"'s finale: Credence is alive. I was disappointed and sad about the death of such an interesting character, but the writers are smart enough to fool us all.

Apparently, there is a deleted scene that shows an alive Ezra Miller's Credence on a boat heading somewhere else: in the end, he is safe.

"Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" is a perfect first movie for an interesting new saga. We would have loved this uncut ending, but we must be happy that we will definitely see Credence again.

Have a look at this Ezra Miller interview where he talks about Credence and "Fantastic Beasts":