Disgraced comedian Bill Cosby, 79, is reported to be attempting to avoid the trial he is facing for the criminal charges filed against him for sexual assault by Andrea Constand, a former student of Temple Hill University. The student is the latest of the more than fifty women to come forward and accuse Cosby of drugging them and raping them at one point or another throughout his career.

He’s hoping to avoid the criminal trial he’s facing in June

As one can imagine, when over fifty women accuse you of raping them, you spend a fair bit of time in a courtroom, and it appears as though Cosby is sick of it, as he seeking a plea deal in the hopes of avoiding the trial, claiming that the whole thing is “fixed” and that he has “no chance” of winning the case.

He believes there is no point in the trial taking place at all, seeing as how the general public agrees with the accusers that he is guilty, and are all just waiting for him to go to prison.

However, Cosby is also hoping that skipping this trial will not only save him a day of his sweet, soon-to-be-over freedom, but will also reduce his jail time as it’ll be one less official count of guilt on his record. Let’s face it, though, he’s 79 years old and he’s accused of raping fifty-plus women. Once he goes in the slammer, there’s no way he’s ever seeing the outside world again.

Constand is charging Cosby with three counts of felony aggravated indecent assault, and will most likely be unhappy with this cry for a plea deal, as she’ll want to see the man who raped her found guilty of it by a judge and a jury, so she has a sense of closure and justice being done that she simply won’t get with the cop-out he’s asking for.

Pennsylvania judge ruled ten-year-old testimony may be used in trial

Another reason Cosby has for avoiding the trial is that a judge in the state of Pennsylvania has ruled that his criminal trial may be using a ten-year-old testimony against him. This testimony reportedly features highly damaging confessions of slipping drugs and alcohol to young women before taking advantage of their drugged-up condition and forcing himself on them sexually.

These confessions will surely add a year a two to Cosby’s sentence. However, at the rate that this case is moving (it kicked off more than a year ago), Cosby will die of old age before he sees the inside of a jail cell.

Cosby claims that the testimony the judge in Pennsylvania is threatening to use will be unusable, as he says that at the time he made the statement, he was promised he would not be criminally charged for what he was saying.

The judge has fired back, however, saying that Cosby never received a promise in writing, and so this claim of a promise is just his word against everyone else’s, and everyone else hates him because it’s pretty loud and clear that he’s a shameless rapist.