The latest episode of "The Flash" has some interesting revelations in store. Episode 7 of Season 3 titled 'Killer Frost' is directed by Kevin Smith who was also the man behind "The Runaway Dinosaur" which was arguably Season 2's best episode.

The latest installment kicks-off where it left in Episode 6 - Savitar, the God of Speed, clutching Barry Allen's throat and pinning him to the ceiling. Savitar then takes Barry out for a run in the city and demonstrates his superior abilities by punching our Scarlet Speedster like a sand bag. Thankfully, Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow's make a timely rescue through a portal, created by Cisco, and save Barry.

Caitlin uses her meta-human abilities by freezing Savitar, even though she could not see him. But Savitar breaks free and escapes.

Killer Frost

Meanwhile, Wally West who was trapped in a cocoon after he touched the Philosopher's Stone in the last episode, is brought to S.T.A.R. Labs for tests. Joe who is worried for his son does not want to be a helpless bystander and leaves the lab to confront one of Alchemy's acolytes instead.

Caitlin shows up at the precinct in the middle of Joe's interrogation and lies about Wally waking up from the cocoon. Joe leaves immediately but Caitlin continues the interrogation by asking the acolyte about Alchemy's whereabouts. The acolyte's screams are heard by the officers and they come running in.

As Caitlin makes her escape, she runs into Julian Albert and kidnaps him.

Caitlin's distorted sense of justice and morality become more and more apparent as she continues using her powers. This is something that her mother had warned her about earlier in the season. She asks Julian to lead her to more of Alchemy's followers using some fancy "police-data-algorithm-search-engine'.

But the Central City police show up at the den all guns blazing. Barry saves Caitlin but the latter is not in the most friendliest of moods. She stabs Barry in the leg with an ice dagger and leaves.

Cisco who is positively disheartened at this point after Caitlin reveals the fact that it was Barry who was responsible for his brother Dante's death after he created the Flashpoint, tracks the two Alchemy followers that Julian had found.

As you would expect, Caitlin shows up at one of the houses and gets told by one of the followers that all of them, even Alchemy, serve Savitar. He also reveals that Savitar has shown them the future where Caitlin has a "glorious" position as "Killer Frost".

Caitlin runs into Cisco outside and the two engage in a fight. Then Barry joins in and together with Cisco, manages to subdue Caitlin, bringing her back to S.T.A.R. Labs.

Kid Flash Is Born

Meanwhile, Joe decides to cut open the cocoon and freeing Wally. This works somehow as Wally breaks free and emerges out of the shell vibrating uncontrollably. He flees the scene in what appeared to be super speed. Barry realises that the team needs a bio-chemist to take care of Wally and goes to the cell in which they have kept Caitlin.

He puts Caitlin in a bit of an emotional dilemma, managing to bring her to her natural senses. Together they help Wally control his power and do a few test runs around the lab. It would be interesting to see how much of Killer Frost's story the show incorporates from the DC comics.

Alchemy's Identity Revealed

Barry heads off to the hospital to meet Julian and convince him not to turn Caitlin in. To which Julan agrees but only on the condition that Barry has to leave CCPD, citing Barry has lost his sense of justice. Julian concedes that he cannot work with someone who puts friendship over Law. Barry agrees and vacates his office.

At the end of the episode, Savitar pays Julian a visit and asks him to become his "prophet" once more.

"Only together can we bring about my return," he says to Julian.

The next scene shows Julian, presumably at his own home, opening up a draw and staring into the mask that we have seen Alchemy wear since his introduction, conclusively proving that he is Doctor Alchemy.