DC's new Cinematic Universe has started to develop a series of thrilling adaptations of the most famous Comics' heroes. After Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman and the recently released Suicide Squad, get ready for the first cinematic adaption of Diana Prince. Patty Jenkins will direct the Amazon's movie and the story will be written by Zack Snyder who is just behind everything DC-related. The cast includes Chris Pine as Steve Trevor , Connie Nielsen as queen Themyscira and House of Cards'Robin Wright as Hippolyta, Diana's aunt.

Wonder Woman story

The movie will be set during the War. The story will start with the arrival of Steve Trevor in the sheltered island of the Amazons. Diana will find him and she will fall in love with this stranger. The heroinewill decide to fight for humanity in the on-going War. This is not the first appearance of Diana: she had some scenes in Batman v. Superman, but the timeline will not be the same. It's a sort of prequel of what we've seen.

3 Thingsyou don'tknow about DC's Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot had a military training in the Israelian armyand, as a consequence of that, she is more than ready to do her own stunt. The movie will be directed by Patty Jenkins, a female filmmaker, a rare occurrence in the almost "sexist" world of directors.

Lynda Carter starred as Diana Prince in the CBS's take on the Comics' superhero and it will be part of another DC's adaptation - the CW's Supergirl:she has been chosen for the role of the President of the United States. Apparently she didn't express any interest in taking part of this upcoming movie.

Trailer, release Date and TV Spot

The movie will be released on June, 2nd. Have a look at the Comic-con trailer:

There is also a latest DC's Wonder Woman TV spot:

There is a huge hype. Warner Bros is hoping to get another box office hit, as its previous entries but also a critical acclaimed movie. Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad had not been loved by the press. Don't miss my follow- up article about Dunkirk and the article about the TV ratings and promos of Fall's second week.