“Swaragini” which was launched in early 2015 had become one of the most loved Hindi shows on Colors TV. But looks like the audience is losing interest in the show as according to online reports the Television ratings chart of the show has been showing dwindling numbers for quite some time now. The ratings apparently have reached so low that the channel has no option but to pull the plug on the show and that will mark the end of “Swaragini”.

Swara and Ragini's story to end in December 2016 ?

“Swaragini” is a story of two sisters, Swara essayed by Helly Shah and Ragini essayed by Tejaswi Prakash and has a huge fan base.

According to reports the story of the show is saturated and all probable plots have been used up which has resulted in the rising boredom between the viewers which also includes many fans of the show. The makers even went on the high road of introducing new characters to pump up the excitement and garner attention but that doesn’t seem to have worked.

Swabhimaan to replace Swaragini?

Rumors suggest that a new show named “Swabhimaan” produced by the famous Rajshri Productions is ready to replace “Swaragini” in December 2016. Though there is no official confirmation or a statement on the news, the rumors mills are running with endless speed giving fans a hint that the show might actually end. The year 2016 has become a year of endings for Indian Television as a lot of long running and even recently launched shows have been pulled off air due to low ratings and the creative choice of the makers to not stretch the story line unnecessarily.

It is all in all a good move since the viewers are tired of watching the predicable leaps and character walk ins and walk outs just to keep the story alive.

We will have to wait for an official confirmation on the rumors and also it will be interesting to see how the current plot and characters find a sensible conclusion if the end does in fact takes place. For now viewers can watch "Swaragini" on Colors TV Monday to Friday at 9.30 pm IST.