Are we meant to follow our parents' footsteps? Can love overcomesocialdifferences? Tom Ford returns after seven years from the beautiful "A Single Man". "Nocturnal Animals" is the story of the formerly lovers Susan and Edward, who get in touch again after years of silence. Susan is now a successful Los Angeles art gallery owner, trapped in an unhappy marriage.Edwardhas sent and dedicated his firstmanuscript to his ex girlfriend that he used tocall:a nocturnal animal.

Amy Adams is stunning

2016 is Amy Adams' year. She stuns in "Arrival", and she hypnotizes you in "Noctunal Animals".

She portrays Susan complexity with an incredible delicacy and realism. She is tormented in the present storyline, and she isnaïve and freein the past. Jake Gyllenhaal is perfect in this role: his character's confusion, pain and sufferance are passionately portayed by the Donnie Darko's actor. He never exaggerates: every scene is balanced and impeccably acted. The incrediblecast includes Aaron Taylor-Jones, Armie Hammer and Michael Shannon.

"Nocturnal Animals" Complex Construction

Tom Ford's "Nocturnal Animals" is a complex construction of a story within the story: we live these two different realities and in the end we realize that is all a metaphorof the pain and grief that Edward feels after Susan has abandoned him.

The ending closes the circle with a breathtaking take on Amy Adams' eyes. While I wasn't sold on the beginning, I really loved the ending. This sense of frustration and sorrow is perfectly depicted by the director. Tom Ford's direction has an unique classy approach: the cinematography, the music, the colours are visually and audibly impressive.

He dares to tell an unfinished tale, a bleak story that will stick with you for days.

If you loved "A Single Man", you must see "Nocturnal Animals". It's Tom Ford at its best and you won't easily forget this spellbindinghours. Don't miss my follow-up review of "Free Fire" and have a look at my previous reviews of "Moonlight", "Arrival" and "Machester by the Sea".

Have a look at the final "Nocturnal Animals" Trailer below: