I didn't expect "Manchester By The Sea" to be so intense. I couldn't foresee that I was going to assist to this heartbreaking and emotional ride through the exploration of PTSD of an incredibly devasted man.

How much pain and sorrow can we handle? Is it possible to survive to a terrible loss? Kenneth Lonergan directs outstandingly this human depiction of what it means to survive, even if you don't have any valid reason.

Manchester By The Sea Story

The Lonergan's movie opens with the death of Lee's brother Joe. Lee is forced to come back home, handling the funeral and his nephew's situation.

For Lee, coming back home equals to opening the Pandora box: hehas a troubled and difficult past and he needs to deal with these ghosts.

A psychological exploration of complex characters

Watching "Manchester By the Sea" obliges you to care for these characters and it's a rather unique experience. I always feel a certain distance from the story I am following onscreen, but Kenneth Lonergan just creates a bond between you and Lee.

The story balances ironic and witty moments to unexpected gut wrenching scenes: that's the perfect reproduction of life, a roller coaster of joy, ordinary boredom and sudden losses.

A Must-See

It's so difficult to explain all the reasons why I loved this movie. I truly loved the approach on the theme of memory.

Memory is a tricky territory: thiscapability ofremembering and living again traumatic or joyful experiences can also be haunting anchor to the past. "Manchester By the Sea" shows us this process through Lee, and it all feels so real. As hefalls and suffers because he has just a glimpse at what has destroyed him.

Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams are just stunning: their performances are so genuine and heartbreaking.

They are able to convince you that what you are watching is real, and they also create a bond withthe viewer. You will end up suffering with Lee and being drawn towardshis wife. Lonergan's delicate and powerful depiction of sorrow is an extraordinary cinematic achievement.

If you are not sold yet, have a look at one of the heartbreakingManchester By The Sea's performances of Michelle Williams and Casey Affleck below:

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