Yamini and Shesha have become a highlight of “Naagin” Season 2 lately. Their humorous ways and their sarcastic dialogues are becoming a talk of the town. Not only are the characters being loved but their styling on the show is finding a lot of fandom offline, especially when it comes to Yamini’s earrings and eyelashes. Apart from being the cool vamps of the most loved super natural thriller on Indian Television, Yamini and Shesha were often seen planning and plotting against the “Naagin” Shivanya earlier and now Shivangi who is Shivanya’s daughter.

Yamini brings a scorpion to the party

The upcoming episodes of “Naagin 2” will yet again showcase these two vamps hatching a huge plan to kill off Shivangi. It is Yamini’s plan to find out if Shivangi is an Icchadhari Naagin like her mother Shivanya. Following the current track the entire family will dress up in a Bollywood theme and Yamini (Sudha Chandran) will bring a scorpion along. She will wait and watch what effect a scorpion sting has on Shivanya. Yamini is an intelligent character so she will make Shesha drink a concoction beforehand which will make her immune to scorpion stings and the poison. But the entire plan will go haywire with Rudra’s (Kinshuk Mahajan) sudden entry at the party.

Rudra saves Shivanya from the scorpion and Yamini’s plan falls flat.

Rudra saves Shivanya with a trick

Rudra realizes Yamini’s plan and so he enters the party first as a waiter and changes Shesha’s drink. He makes Shivanya (Mouni Roy) drink the immunity concoction prepared by Yamini for Shesha and so Shivanya becomes immune to the scorpion and it ends up stinging Shesha who later falls unconscious.

It is to be noted that post a first few episodes which were considered as boring and repetitive, “Naagin 2” has taken quite a turn and has successfully maintained the level of excitement like “Naagin 1”. We will have to wait and watch how Yamini and Shesha (Adaa Khan) deal with Shesha being stung by a scorpion. “Naagin 2” airs on Colors Saturday and Sunday at 8 pm IST.