Twenty years ago Space Jam was released to theaters. The movie, which was directed towards children, starred everyone's favorite Looney Tunes and NBA legend, Michael Jordan. The movie was based on aliens that took over other NBA players bodies and their only hope to regain their own selves was to play against the Looney Tunes and Michael Jordan. To this day, Space Jam is a classic which is loved by many.

Highest grossing basketball movie of all time

Even after twenty years, Space Jam is the highest grossing basketball movie of all time and can be considered a cultural milestone for many millennials.

With so much revenue the movie has brought in, we can all hope for a sequel to come out. Many people are still seen with their Space Jam memorabilia of the like. Jordan's shoes has decided to come out with a special 20 year anniversary Space Jam addition to it's popular shoe company.

Michael Jordan himself has changed quite a bit

Since the movies premier in 1996, Michael Jordan has gone from running the courts, and showing fans how a person really can fly, to running an empire. With an estimated net worth of $750 million, Jordan owns numerous restaurants, car dealerships, eighty percent of NBA Charlotte Bobcats and has numerous endorsements, not to mention his fashionable sneaker line. Michael Jordan has became quiet the entrepreneur since starring in Space Jam, and there's no doubt he will continue many years from now.

Rumors with LeBron James

LeBron James probably enjoyed this film many years ago. Now, he's hoping to make a second movie starring himself and the Looney Tunes. What would the other cast be like? Who would be the evil characters who really had good intentions? It will be interesting to see if a Space Jam 2 came to theaters and its certain that the box office would go through the roof in sales.

Perhaps an appearance from MJ himself would gross even more of a profit?

Remembering the past

Watching this movie in 2016 is nostalgic, it brings back so many memories of where you were when you first saw it, who you were with and what your favorite alien was. Hopefully, kids today will be able to enjoy the same magic as many of us did when we were children.