Fans of the heavy metal giants Metallica have finally got some new material to enjoy from their heroes after a long, eight-year wait. However, they may be bemused to hear that the inspiration behind one of the songs on “Hardwired To Self-Destruct” was none other than the tragic life of the British blues singer Amy Winehouse.

Winehouse film provided inspiration

The new album features a poignant track entitled “Moth Into Flame”, which lead singer James Hetfield has revealed owes much to the emotions he felt after watching a film about Winehouse’s own journey towards ultimate self-destruction.

Winehouse died at the tender age of just 27 with the official cause of her death being cited as alcohol poisoning.

Perils of seeking fame

Hetfield explained that the Winehouse film “inspired me to write that song. It’s a sad movie.” The 53-year-old co-founder of Metallica suggested that the quest for fame “changes your view of the world” and added that fame can be a “dark, dangerous drug.”

In memory of Lemmy and Motorhead

Fellow Metallica band member Lars Ulrich has also been divulging his motivation for forming the supergroup in the first place. The Danish-born musician said that without Motorhead “there wouldn’t be Metallica,” with the memory of Lemmy who sadly passed away last December still clearly in his thoughts.

Advice from his son

Ulrich may have the world at his feet as far as heavy metal connoisseurs are concerned at least, but it seems that his own son is not that keen to be seen with him in public nor to live off his reputation and standing in the music industry. When Ulrich went to visit him recently at a college in Boston, his son made a point of asking the rocker “to keep a low profile!”

No signs of the demise of Metallica

Initial reviews of “Hardwired To Self-Destruct” suggest that fans will not be disappointed with the fresh tracks on offer on their tenth studio album.

Highlights include “Now That We’re Dead” and “Here Comes Revenge”, with a slightly unusual track called “Dream No More” slowing the pace down somewhat towards the end of disc one.

Although the album title might suggest that the band could be heading towards their own demise, the reality seems somewhat different with plans already believed to be in motion to perform some European tour dates next year.