They’ve been teasing it for a while now, but the hotly anticipated Logan trailer has finally been released to the world, and on first impressions, it looks stunning.

As previously revealed, “Logan” marks the last time we will see Hugh Jackman as everyone’s favourite mutant, Wolverine. After playing the character for sixteen years, the Australian actor is retiring his claws for good, having played him for longer than any other actor that has played a comic character.

There have been teasers from Jackman and director James Goldman in the form of black and white pictures, as well as that impressive poster, but now we actually have our first glimpse at the Film.

Some may be disappointed that the film itself isn’t in black and white, even so the gritty western setting looks like something straight out of the mind of the Coen Brothers or Sergio Leone, making for a stark change to what we have previously seen from the “X-Men” film series.

Playing out with Johnny Cash’s sombre “Hurt” in the background, the trailer opens with a much older, tired Logan in a future where mutants are all but gone. Beside him there’s Patrick Stewart’s Professor Xavier who looks just as disheveled as our hero, his powers that once kept mutants together, now out of control as he battles with his own mind.

The duo look to be protecting a young girl, with whom they emphasise is very important.

The build up to her character points to the rumour that she is in fact, Laura Kinney/X-23, aka the Female Wolverine, a rumour that will excite fans of the mutant series.

Aside from the story, the broken down western vibe only adds to the overall gloominess of the trailer and the approach returning director James Mangold is going for.

It doesn’t look like a superhero movie we’ve ever seen, and that in itself is exciting to witness.

The trailer itself is also surprisingly violent. Wolverine is seen pushing his claws through a mans skull, added to the gritty images released, would have many believing that this, like “Deadpool” before it will be R-rated. It’s far more emotional and grounded than the other two Wolverine films.

Stripping away the gimmicks looks to have done wonders for the character.

Though the film finds itself in the middle of a Marvel/DC battle, with “Wonder Woman”, “Justice League” and “Spider-man: Home Coming” vying for the top spot, it looks like “Logan” may surprise everyone, like “Deadpool” this year.

Everything sadly has to come to an end. Though only a teaser, everything so far is pointing to a fantastic swan song for Jackman who deserves a truly memorable send off. This may very well be the Wolverine movie fans have been waiting so long to see.