If you want to achieve your dream, will you have to be good enough? Being good enough or not has a key role in your personal realisation or is it all a matter of fighting for your dreams? The Shakespearean lines were To be or not to be that is the question.

La La Land develops its story around this theme and does it wonderfully.

A Rising Success

The thirdDamien Chazellefeature Film is one of the most anticipated and discussed movie of the season. After the presentation at the Venice Film Festival, the movie has been praised by critics from all the over the world.

It is one of the most buzzed headline movie of the #LFF2016. Is Damien Chazelle's love letter to L.A. and musicals worth your attention? Absolutely,"La La Land" is truly stunning.

Sebastian and Mia Story

It's the story of Mia and Sebastian played by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. The former is a wannabe actress that is struggling to get a proper role, the latter is a jazz pianist at the beginning of his career. They will hate each other, and then they will fall in love. It's a story of love, dreams and achievements and how this can change you. Chazelle gives us a multilayered vision: he depicts an incredible emotional and touching love letter to L.A and musicals, and he portrays these complex characters who are truly impeccably played by Gosling and Stone.

Damien Chazelle is impeccable

Chazelle shares with us his outstanding vision about love and dreams. The depiction of these two themes is so natural and complex at the same time. There is no space for conventionality: every scene has a clear significance, every take attracts your attention.The opening and closing scenes are stunning: they are so incredibly executed that you will not believe to your eyes.

Chazelle is paying homage to the classic musicals and at the same time he is reinventing and re-imagining them. I was amazed by the visionary alternative ending that doesn't substitute the more bittersweet and concrete finale. Life is not a dream, but you can not avoid to stop dreaming.

The incredible chemistry between Gosling and Stone can be summarized with that perfect look and smile they share.

Sometimes words are a superficial instrument and Chazelle is able to channel the vision he'd like to share, only through a tender look.

La La Land is just perfectly written, directed and acted. It will stick with you and it will likely be a part of Cinema's history.The London Film Festival will go on up until October 16th. After my take on "Moonlight", "A United Kingdom", and "Frantz", don't miss my follow-up article with myreview of this Fall's new hottest sci-fi movie: Arrival. Have a look at the "La La Land" trailer: