Iskra Lawrence, a size 14 model with more than 2.5 million Instagram followers revealed in tears that she's being stalkedby video threats from an online "clown", apparently calling her "fat cow" and other names because ofher exuberant physical form. The model apparently became a target after speaking out against internet trolls and body shaming in the past, also launching a #heartnothate campaign this year. The news is surfacingon the same day of the unfortunate fat-shaming remark of Donald Trumpduring hisfirst televised face-to-face with Hillary Clinton.

In celebration of women's beauty and the raising affirmation of plus-sized self confidence, find out who are the 5 most admired and sought-afterplus-size models and actresses right now.

Top 5 Plus-sized babes

5 - Danielle Brooks

Orange Is The New Black is home to plus-size Beauty, with popularBrooks and Polanco both in the cast. Along Gabourey Sidibe, Danielle Brooks has been announced as the new testimonial for the ad campaign for plus-size clothing retailer Lane Bryant, watch it here:

4 - Tess Holliday

The most controversial one, she's accused of promoting unhealthy obesity with her 26 size and junk-food habits. Still fabulous enough to land on the cover of the french edition of Vogue magazine.

3 - Adele

Her immense success as a singer overshadows the fact she can look stunningwhile being definitely unashamed of her plus-size.

She lost some pounds in the last months but she is still a perfect example of "oversized" awesomeness.

2 - Ashley Graham

The Sports Illustrated bikini top model rightfully ignores remarks from haters: "I feel like women already have so much that they have to go through in their day-to-day, so why are you going to sit there and tell us you're fat or tell us that we are big boned?"

1 - Dascha Polanco

The radiant star of Orange Is The New Black is a strong advocate to the cause and has witto pair with her celebrated curves.

"Comparison is the new form of flattering & approval within the press/social media. No approval needed," she wrote on her Instagram.

If you want to lookhappy and successful like these women eat (healthy), stay active and acceptthe beauty of your natural curves.If by any chance you are "the clown" who's trolling Iskra Lawrence with death threats, think again and think better.