We have an awesomenew Iron Man and guess what! The character is female!

Let me just start off by saying that this doesn't mean we won't be seeing Robert Downey Jr's face as Iron Man on the big screen anymore, as there are still movies with him playing the character that are yet to be released or even filmed yet. Panic over! What this does mean, however, is that Marvel is taking a huge step towards gender and racial equality with its superheroes and that is awesome.

Marvel fiction.

Iron Man is a fictional character first published by Marvel comics in 1963.

Originally the character is known as Tony Stark; an American billionaire and genius engineer, however, that is all changing. Tony Stark is a bit outdated, notto mention old as welland the creators at Marvel have realised this, so they have upgraded the character. We now have a younger, female Iron Man.

Potential for different super-heroes.

Breathing new life into a character that has been established for so long is never easy but sometimes necessary. Thisis definitely one ofthose times. We now have a fifteen-year-old black female taking on the mantle of Iron Man as Tony Stark steps down after the events of Civil War Two.This is a welcome change in diversity as it signals the future has the potential for more and more superheroes with different cultures and backgrounds.

This characters name is Riri and like her predecessor Tony Stark she too is a genius and she also studies at MIT, which is another bonus as it highlights that women can work and be highly intelligent whilst fighting crime just like men can.

Females can fight.

It's no secret that Marvel lacks female characters. Take the Avengers for example, whereIron man is indeed a man, there is Black Widow and Scarlet Witch.

That's it for female characters. It's a male dominated team. Both are trained fighters and can seriously kick butt when they need too, yet they are the only females on the team. Why? Quite a few people say that female superheroes can't fight as well as male superheroes, which is just pure rubbish. Again look at Scarlet Witch and Black Widow.

Having a younger and female Iron Man will not only help boost the amount of females on the team, along with the new female Thor as well,but also create a new breed of diversity within the team as well, as she will be one of two black heroes who are part of the main team, the other being Black Panther.

Awesome change.

This is an awesome change that Marvel is making and it takes them well into the 21st century. Many fans have been calling for more female superheroes and a bigger diversity between races as well for years now, so it's brilliant that Marvel has finally listened and given us this great new character, who will no doubt be just as awesome or even more awesome as Tony Stark.

I guess the one question that remains is; will the female Iron Man still be known as Iron Man or Iron Girl?