Marvel's latest movie is the third installment of Captain America. After the origin story, and The Winter Soldier, Civil War’s story connects the previous storylines with a fresh new plot. Once again, Steve Rogers is torn between his beloved Bucky and the respect for Tony Stark. Can he save his friend and handle Tony’s rage?

Civil Waris one of Marvel’s best movie, so far. The plot can be summarised like this: after a terrible incident caused by Wanda, various states of the world, including the U.S., decide to create a pact between the government and the Avengers.

Tony, Natasha and Vision sign, Steve Hawkeye and Wanda refuse to do so. This split creates problems for the superheroes. During the ceremony in Vienna, a terrible explosion is caused presumably by Bucky, and the world turns upside down. Steve wants to protect his friend and goes rogue, Tony tries to catch them in order to protect Steve’s role as Captain America.This is the major part of the Film, but the juicy developments are in the ending, when we find out that Tony’s parents were killed unconsciously by someone we know.

Civil War is not an ordinary Marvel movie. It has depth, it is moving, and it is incredibly funny. The strong sense of humour of the first Avengers and The Winter Soldier is back.

The third instalment of Captain America makes us laugh, it’s thought-provoking and handles relevant themes as friendship, government control, and ethics in a witty and interesting way. Civil Waralso explores Steve’s feelings and grief. It was genuinely surprising. It’s an action-packed movie and it is also strong in his genre: the physical fight between Captain America and Iron Man is not boring or useless, it’s part of the story.

The comparison with Batman v. Superman has Captain America: Civil War on the winners list.

The movie is strong, but not perfect. It's questionable whythe writers or Marvel decided that Steve had to kiss Agent Peggy’s niece. They have zero chemistry and the kiss felt completely out of place. Marvel Cinematic Universe are giving us forced-romance that are really not interesting.

When they don’t try to force things, possible odd sparks between Wanda and Vision instead felt natural. We know that we are never going to get a possible love story between Bucky and Steve (something that the fandom raves about), but the real chemistry is between these two. Certain looks do kill, but this is not the decade of LGBT’s storylines for Marvel’s superheroes.

Civil War is an incredible achievement in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Once again,Anthony and Joe Russo delivered a great and entertaining movie. Can we please let them direct all Captain America’s movies?The fans will surelynot be disappointed. Now, we have yet another highly anticipated movie coming: DC's Suicide Squad.