Television soap queen Ekta Kapoor’s recently launched supernatural thriller Kavach is creating quite a stir these days. Mona Singh essays the role of a newlywed bride and Maheck Chahal is cast as the scary crazy ghost who tries to possess her and she has already been successful in doing so more than once.

Paridhigets possessed yet again

Paridhi is yet again possessed by Manjulika just before Paridhi and Rajbir could consummate their wedding. What’s worse is that Manjulika is constantly scaring Paridhi for not revealing her presence and her antics to anybody.

The whole possessed angle becomes really creepy when Manjulika possesses Paridhi and spends the first night of their marriage with Rajbir while Rajbir is unaware of Majulika’s presence.

Manjulika turns more scary

Not only is Manjulika making her moves on Rajbir through Paridhi but she is also hurting other family members, she pushes Dia Maa down the stairs injuring her. The blame for the entire scene is pushed to Paridhi who ends up feeling nothing but helpless as she has no control over her body once Manjulika takes over. It is then that Dia Maa realizes that Paridhi might be possessed and so she decides to take the entire family to Bajrang Bali temple but unfortunately Manjulika is too smart and makes Paridhi exit the temple and yet again possesses her.

Paridhi after being possesses blames and curses the entire family for dragging her to the temple falsely.

Good supporting actors required to enhance the show

Kavach looks an awesome show in the making only if the editing is improved. On the performances front the makers need to cast better actors as everyone apart from Mona Singh and Maheck Chahal seem to be lost more than half of the time.

The sexual tension on the show is a new page on Indian televisionand will have to be toned down if the makers are looking at attracting family audiences.

Kavach – Kali Shaktiyon se is a finite series as of now with 32 episodes and airs on Colors TV channel on weekends at 8 pm IST.