Katrina Kaif has always been associated with beauty and a panache which not many Bollywood actresses are able to pull off. Be it action or romance, this beauty does all with ease. She is known for her smile and not to forget her party habits and the longest running link up rumors be it with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan or the coolest Bollywood star on the block Ranbir kapoor.

Though she was and she still is criticized for her Hindi diction, below are five lesser known facts about Katrina Kaif which every Bollywood fan must know

1. Katrina in the top 10 of Forbes list

Katrina was the only woman who was featured in top 100 Celebrities list of Forbes (Indian Edition) in the year 2003.

The list was compiled on the basis of financial standing or the celebrity and their popularity.

2.Katrina is Half British

Quite opposite to the popular belief that Katrina is not Indian, she in fact is half British and half Indian. Mohommad Kaif is her father who is a British businessman with Kashmiri roots. Katrina has sone brother and a total of six sisters.

3. Katrina’s real surname is not Kaif

Though every Bollywood lover knows her by the name Katrina Kaif, her real name is Katrina Turquotte. It was during her Boom days that Producer Ayesha Shroff thought that Turquotte did not sound Indian and was difficult to pronounce for the masses and thus she was given the surname Kaif which stuck to her.

4. Katrina was not born in Britain

Since she is half British and half Indian, many believe Britain to be her birth place which actually is false. Katrina was born in Hong Kong and lived in Hawaii till the time she was 14 years old post which she moved to England and then to Mumbai. She has traveled across the globe a lot which includes countries like Poland, Japan and Belgium.

5. Katrina is on Employment Visa

Though she has been working in India for over a decade now, Katrina still is a British citizen and works in India on Employment visa. Rumors also suggest that she is also trying to launch her sister Isabella in Bollywood.