The Ex One Direction star Zayn Malik has created waves across the globe by reported statement which relates drugs with creativity. Apparently he has been reported to have admitted to use a hint of drugs to help the creative juices flow. He insists in the latest issue of a magazine that it helps him in writing songs.

Zayn is currently pepping up from his next album and in the new issue of the magazine NME he has admitted that he smoked at least four joints a day in order to get the creativity out on the table. In this issue of the magazine he has unapologetically discussed his habitual drug use as well.

The 23 year old former One Direction member has confirmed having the illegal drug for quite some time now and that it only helped him in a positive way.

Interestingly he has also given out a message to his fans about his drug habits. Zayn Malik through the issue has told his fans to not worry about his habits as all the drugs he takes are organic. The One Direction star has also revealed that drugs help him to think out of the box especially while rapping.

Zayn’s next album “Mind of Mine” is slated to release on Friday and will be available on all platforms for purchase. Interestingly the release date also marks a year to his exit from One Direction announcement which had shaken One Direction fans.

The lyrics of his yet to be released album are high on drugs, heartbreak and regret which say a lot of what the star himself is or was going through at some point in his life. The album is as self explanatory as it can get. His first solo song release post his breakup with the band was titled “Pillowtalk” which had topped the Billboard’s Hot 100 list.

The song had featured supermodel Gigi Hadid whom he is reported to be dating.

Since the singer has admitted that drugs in fact have helped him throughout his career, we will have to wait and watch what effect it has on his fandom and just hope that people do not make creativity an excuse for substance abuse.

In the issue Zayn has also discussed other ways of relaxing which includes DIY crafts and he is hugely into it. So much so that he has himself built a private bar in the back garden as a tribute to his grandparents.