Robin Wright has become the latest big name star to join the expected line-up for the eagerly anticipated sequel to Ridley Scott’s classic Film, “Blade Runner. The “House of Cards” actress has been confirmed alongside Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling in the expected cast list, as the sci-fi movie follow up begins to gain momentum.

Adds to Ford’s workload

Veteran actor Ford looks likely to have a busy few years ahead of him as he returns to the action, with the expectation that he will reprise his much-acclaimed role as the world-weary Rick Deckard.

With future “Star Wars” and Indiana Jones” films also rumoured to already be interesting the 73-year-old Hollywood superstar, his fans worldwide can expect to see plenty more of his acting skills on show on the silver screen.

Classic original film

Ridley Scott’s original “Blade Runner” movie – inspired by Philip K. Dick’s novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” - has become a firm favourite with science-fiction connoisseurs since its 1982 release. Scott seems set to defer directing duties this time around though, preferring to perform the role of producer as Denis Villeneuve (“Sicario”) orchestrates the action on set.

Blade Runner” depicted a dystopian Los Angeles in 2019 dominated by the Tyrell Corporation, a powerful company that manufactured genetically engineered androids.

Their highly advanced technology created life-forms barely distinguishable from humans, especially in the form of ‘Rachael’ (played somewhat naively by Sean Young) who becomes Deckard’s unexpected love interest as the movie unfolds.

High-class cast

The film utilised a talented cast with Ford in the leading role, as a futuristic cop who reluctantly agrees to one more assignment to hunt down and kill escaped replicants who have sought refuge in the city.

His non-human adversaries were played by the formidable quartet of Rutger Hauer, Brion James, Joanna Cassidy and Daryl Hannah.

Plot taking shape

The likely plot for the sequel is still in its early stages, although Wright’s introduction into the cast adds further credence to one rumour that it will feature a female protagonist.

Some details were disclosed by Scott during interviews on the topic last year, with one interview for The Guardian newspaper alluding to an opening sequence shot at a farm in Wyoming. One potential scenario could involve a planet that has been subject to some form of environmental disaster many decades after the original film’s timeline.

A likely release date is also uncertain at this point in time, with rumours suggesting that it could be some time in 2018 before the new film goes on general release in cinemas.