Prime Minister of India Mr.Narendra Modi has got his own charm when it comes to his social media presence. The latest proof of the same is him beating Shahrukh Khan, the biggest Indian celebrity in the Twitter followers race and becoming the second most followed Indian on Twitter. Its yet another great achievement of Mr. Modi who is taking all steps to be accessible to the common man in all ways possible.

Modi had over 17,382,784 followers on 17th January 2016 while Shahrukh had 17,362,505on the same day. The Indian who has topped the list with maximum number of Twitter followers is no one but the legendary Amitabh Bachchan who has over 18.9 million Twitter followers.

It must be noted that Modi is the most looked upon Indian PM after a very long time and he inspires everyone with his growth plans not only on social media but on all other online platforms.

Modi’s handle @narendramodi has over 10.3 thousand tweets by now and is very popular amongst the teenagers due to his growth and development initiatives. The Indian PM has used Twitter mainly for his #SwacchBharat campaign and his radio talk show #MannKiBaat while his #SelfieWithDaughter got an amazing response on Twitter. It is very apparent from the number of his followers that his marketing endeavours are more successful than any other Indian leader.

Modi has been active on the social media site since 2009 and is followed by US President Barack Obama amongst many other political leaders and Celebrities.

If we go by the statistics, it shows that Modi’s followers have increased by over a whooping two million in the last two months which is an enormous growth. Looking at the statistics, it seems like Mr.Modi will soon top the list beating even the megastar Amitabh Bachchan in the Twitter race.

Narendra Modi also happens to be the world’s second most followed politician, second to only US President Barack Obama. The way Modi is flourishing on social media only proves his growing popularity with the youth of the nation which is an amazing achievement for the government.